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How to get great DIY advice

Thursday, 30th June 2011

DIY advice With the weekend fast approaching, many of you may be itching to do some DIY. If you have any 'how to' questions, don't be shy about getting advice. Rather than getting in over your head, much better to be over prepared before making home improvements. If you're looking for some home improvement help, try posting a question on 'Ask A Tradesman' - a handy new tool from our friends at that makes it possible for you to get fast, friendly advice directly from the trade experts who know best.  Read more »

5 Ways to Earn Extra Money from Your Property

Monday, 15th March 2010

stack of pound coins (c) During the recent economic downturn many of us could do with a way of earning some extra money. A great way of doing this is to tap into the money-making potential of your property. Read on to find out more about 5 of the best ways to earn some extra money from your property.  Read more »

The Bricky

Tuesday, 29th December 2009

the bricky I found out about the Bricky from a friend, they saw it being used by Tommy Walsh on a DIY program and were so impressed that they ordered one online that evening. The world of DIY is full of clever and new inventions, so curious as to what this mystery device was I decided to look into it and find out more. So what does the Bricky do and whats so good about it?  Read more »

Winter is Here!

Sunday, 20th December 2009

gu10 led bulb The recent cold snap got us thinking about keeping a loft conversion warm in the winter. Not a problem for those with modern conversions that are well insulated and have a radiator plumbed into the central heating system. But what about those with older conversions that might not be insulated to such a high standard and no central heating? We decided to have a look at to see what electric heaters are currently available.  Read more »

Go Green and Cool with LED downlighters

Tuesday, 15th September 2009

gu10 led bulb Many home owners opt for halogen downlighters in their loft conversion and with good reason. Downlighters look modern and as the ceiling is often lower than normal in a loft conversion you dont have the problem of banging your head into the lights. Halogen bulbs give off a nice bright and warm light, they also work well with dimmer switches and replacement bulbs are relatively cheap. But there is a slight down side to halogen downlighters, they are power hungry and can get very hot. Just lately we've noticed that LED replacements bulbs for GU10 and MR16 halogen bulbs are becoming more common, but are they any good?  Read more »

House price crash - 7 reasons why its not over yet

Monday, 10th August 2009

house image There's been lots of speculation and conflicting reports about house prices over the last few months. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors now thinks that home values could actually rise and the Centre for Economics and Business Research released a report this morning that said we might get a small rise by the end of the year.  Read more »

Preparing for a Loft Conversion - time to clear out the junk

Sunday, 7th December 2008

junk cleared from loft Work is due to start work on our loft conversion in the new year, before we can start there is a very important job that we need to get completed - remove all of that old junk from the loft! Its one of those jobs that you always put off for another day, well that day has come and its time to get the loft ladder down and make a start!  Read more »

Why the Government want you to sell your home

Thursday, 29 November 2007

stamp duty money image (c) It's all about the money, or rather its about your money and the government making sure it gets a piece of the action. Every time someone sells their home the government gets a nice large wad of cash sent their way from a tax called 'stamp duty'. Most people are aware that moving home is expensive, but have you ever wondered just how much money goes to the government each time? Well, we wanted to know how much they get so we decided to get the calculators out and start doing the sums.  Read more »

The new site is finished!

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

party image After weeks of hard work we have finished the redesign of the site! We hope that you like the new look and will find the information clearer and easier to find. Running a website is a never ending task, so even though we have finished the redesign we still have plently of new ideas to implement on the site. Lets look in detail at what we have achieved so far and our plans for the future.  Read more »

Time for a change

Monday, 30 July 2007

clockHaving taken a long hard look at the design of the site we decided that it was looking a bit tired and dated. We wanted a more modern look for the site and some changes behind the scenes to allow us to update the site more easily to bring you the latest information and news regarding loft conversions. While the main focus of the site has always been to provide you with useful information and to look pretty second we felt that a redesign of the site would make it both easier on the eye and provide an improved navigation structure.

Rebuilding the entire from scratch is a big job, but we had so many great ideas for new features and an exciting new look that we decided to go for it! Anyway, thats enough about why we wanted to rebuild the site, lets talk about the changes we are going to make.  Read more »