Time for Change

Monday, 30 July 2007

clockHaving taken a long hard look at the design of the site we decided that it was looking a bit tired and dated. We wanted a more modern look for the site and some changes behind the scenes to allow us to update the site more easily to bring you the latest information and news regarding loft conversions. While the main focus of the site has always been to provide you with useful information and to look pretty second we felt that a redesign of the site would make it both easier on the eye and provide an improved navigation structure.

Rebuilding the entire from scratch is a big job, but we had so many great ideas for new features and an exciting new look that we decided to go for it! Anyway, thats enough about why we wanted to rebuild the site, lets talk about the changes we are going to make.

Look and feel - the new site will have a "Web 2.0" style design with a plently of whitespace and clean lines. We will keep the site simple and user friendly, so no gimicks, fuss or cosmetics. This site is all about providing you with good information and ideas so we will keep it friendly and functional. The navigation will be improved so you can easily and quickly get to the information you want.

Weblog - the new site will have a "Weblog" so we can keep you up to date with the goings on in the world of loft conversions. Most people who are interested in loft conversions are homeowners, so we will also make posts on subjects such as the UK housing market, DIY tips and ideas for improving your home.

Performance - the new site will be optimised for fast loading, theres nothing worse than waiting for slow pages to load! We will be hand coding each page in HTML and CSS and optimising the images to ensure the site is super fast!

So that gives you an idea of the sort of changes we will be making, we expect the changes to take a few weeks to be completed so check back often to see how we are progressing.