DIY Loft Conversions


A significant part of the cost of loft conversions is the labour. Going down the DIY route can lead to significant cost savings and a great sense of satisfaction. There are some downsides to the DIY option, making mistakes can be expensive and dangerous, it will probably take longer than if a professional did the work and some jobs such as the steelwork can be real challenge for a lone DIY'er.

But don't let any of that deter you. Many people each year complete a DIY loft conversion. Provided you have reasonable DIY skills, are willing to learn, up for a challenge, have plenty of spare time and don't mind some hard work then the DIY route may be for you.

There are some keen DIY'ers who have completed DIY loft conversions and are kind enough to share their experiences, on this page we introduce you to some of those people.

Room Up Top by Andy Bell

diy loft conversion

Andy's house is a 1880's semi and while a loft conversion was always on the cards it wasn't until Andy's fourth child came into the world that the need for an extra room started to change from a 'nice to have' to a 'must have'. Being an experienced DIY'er Andy decided that he was up to the challenge and decided to embark on his very own loft conversion.  Read more »