Loft Ladders


Most people with a loft space in their house use it for storage, this is a great use of otherwise wasted space. The problem starts when you need to access the loft, doing so safely and conveniently is essential. Don't be tempted to balance on chairs or perform gymnastics routines to get into the loft, you are risking serious injury! Take the easy and convenient way, a good quality loft ladder can be bought cheaply and can be installed by anyone handy with a screwdriver and a few basic tools.

There are currently three types of ladder available to buy from Wickes, we have written some useful and easy to read guides for each type of loft ladder and selected the best products in each category. Read on to find out more.

a man using an aluminium loft ladderAluminium Loft Ladders

Aluminium loft ladders are robust and lightweight, making them easy to raise and lower from the loft. Most aluminium loft ladders are in either 2 or 3 sections to make them more compact. They can be a bit noisy when in use but then these ladders are generally the cheapest option with prices starting around £30 which is excellent value for money. Read more »

a man using a wooden loft ladderWooden Loft Ladders

Wooden loft ladders have the advantage of being sturdy and more appealing to look at. Timber products have a nicer feel and when pulling a ladder down from a cold loft space the timber rungs will feel warmer than cold metal. Wooden ladders tend to be quieter and smoother in operation than aluminium ladders. If you are going to be accessing your loft on regular basis it might make sense to opt for a ladder that is nicer to use. Read more »