Loft Conversion Books

There is plenty of online information about loft conversions, but sometimes its nice to have a break from the computer screen and sit down to read a book. There are some great books available on the subject of loft conversions and many reasons why you might need one:

  • DIY loft conversion - learn how to convert your loft safely, meet buiding regulations and with minimum cost
  • Background knowledge - understanding how lofts are converted will give you greater confidence when dealing with builders
  • Technical understanding - being able to discuss your requirements at a technical level with a builder
  • Planning and design stage - understand what options are available for the design of your loft conversion

We have spent some time looking at what books are available on Amazon (the biggest and best online retailer) and have selected our favorites for you to buy from Amazon.

The Loft Conversion Manual by Ian Rock is a bestselling selling loft conversion book available from Amazon. Loft conversions are a great way to add valuable living space to your home and significantly boost your property's value. But creating new rooms in your roof can mean making major structural alterations, and raises important questions. How can you tell if your loft is suitable for conversion? How much of the project can you do yourself? Expert guidance is now available in the "Loft Conversion Manual", which explains the whole process in plain English and step-by-step colour photographs. From designing layouts and finding the right contractors right through to snagging and completion, this guide will make converting your home a smooth and successful process.

There are plenty of other loft conversion books available, see below for a selection of the best books currently available from Amazon.