About us

Explaining who we are and why we created this website

When we were looking to have our own loft converted we found that while there is plenty of information available on the Internet it was scattered across too many web sites and hard to find. So we decided to create a web site that would pull together all of the information related to loft conversions you could ever need in one easy to use web site. Our loft conversion was completed in 2009 and we hope to pass on our experiences and what we learnt to others considering a conversion.

Technical Stuff

The site is maintained in spare time and is hand coded in HTML and CSS. While we did consider using Joomla or one of the other CMS systems we felt that a static HTML site would be appropriate.

The Future

What next? - we plan to grow the site with more information and articles. We are always on the look out for new and original content for the site and are always open to feedback on the site. If you fancy having a go at writing an article for us, have spotted an error or have a suggestion for improvements then drop us an email via our Contact Us form.

Want to know more?

Just drop us an email

If you would like to find out more about us then feel free to drop us an email or take a look at our loft conversions blog