Site Redesign is Complete

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

party image After weeks of hard work we have finished the redesign of the site! We hope that you like the new look and will find the information clearer and easier to find. Running a website is a never ending task, so even though we have finished the redesign we still have plently of new ideas to implement on the site. Lets look in detail at what we have achieved so far and our plans for the future.

Web 2.0 - As you will see we went for a Web 2.0 style design. We like the light, clean and easy to read design and we hope that you like it as well! We also made some changes to the way the site is built, we are now using HTML and CSS, this will make things a bit easier for us when we need to update the site. We are also ensuring that the code is clean and images are optimised for the web to ensure the pages load quickly.

Weblog - It seems like everyone has a weblog these days and we dont like to be left out! We will use it to bring you the latest news on the website, anything related to loft conversions, updates on the UK housing market and the occasional off topic post if we come across something we like.

Future improvements - a webmasters work is never complete, we have loads of ideas for new features on the site that we plan to bring to you over the coming weeks. Most people conisdering a loft conversion ask the question "How much will a loft conversion cost?". Having a rough idea of the likely cost gives people an idea what to expect before they get a builder or loft conversions specialist in for an estimate. While its impossible to give an accurate estimate (every house and roof is different) we can write a guide that will give an indication of the likely cost. Other improvements for the future include bringing you more photos of completed conversions for inspiration and providing a directory of loft conversion specialists in your area.