Useful Websites


While surfing the web we sometimes find some great sites that are informative, interesting, useful or even just funny. To save you searching the web and looking at hundreds of sites we have collected together all of our best sites for you.

Government Websites

Sometimes the best place to get accurate information is directly from the source, there are some very useful government and local council websites that provide a wealth of information

Find Your Local Council

This excellent page on the DirectGov website lists all the UK local councils. You can search by A-Z or by region, visit to find your local council

Planning Portal

The Planning Portal is the place to go to learn more about planning and building regulations. They have some great features such as the interactive planning guide and they have worked really hard to make the site easy to navigate and find what are looking for. Go to the planning portal and take a look.

Know a good website?

We spend a lot of time searching the Internet for great sites. However, we cant search every inch of the Internet and there may be some great websites that we have missed. If you know of one that would be useful or of interest to visitors to the site please feel free to contact us with any suggestions.